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After Sun Face Treatment 3x4ml

After Sun Face Treatment 3x4ml


Hydration is a healing cure on dry skin!
The preparations are extremely kind to the skin and have a gentle, non-sticky consistency that is easy to apply. Used properly regulary afte the sun exposure will help the drys skin heal from the dryings effect of envionmental stress. 

  • Details

    This concentrate is a source of well-being for facial skin after sun-exposure. It soothes, re-hydrates the skin. The skin regains its balance and soft texture revealing a radiant sun-kissed tan.

    We recommend that you:
    * Always protect your skin well, paying special attention to your face
    * Be cautious in situations with strong radiation, e.g. mountains, seaside, on boats; avoid midday sun
    * Apply appropriate sun protection before sun exposure and maintain protection by applying the sun protection repeatedly, especially after swimming
    * Protect children from direct radiation (high SPF, hats, shirts)
    * Top-up your fluid balance by drinking sufficiently
    * Use after Sun preparations


    Konjac Mannane root extract, Caviar, Extracts from Chamomile, Olive and Shepherd’s purse. Defensil® anti-irritation complex, Vitamin E, allantoin, Panthenol and Dermolectine® Cell renewal complex

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