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Nutri-Cosmetics Welcomes you to our retail store! Please have a look at our amazing skincare line. We happily accept online payments through PAYPAL.  Dr. also accepts Visa or Master Card payments Via phone order. One of our representatives would be happy to take your call today, please call  1 - 250 - 667 - 4751 to place an order.

If we're unable to take your call please leave your name and number and we'll call you back as soon as we can!

Or Email and request a sales representative get in touch with you.




Bakas Naturals : Nutri-Cosmetics Nutri-Cosmetics are oral cosmetics, and the latest trend in the spa industry, formulated to improve the skin’s appearance and overall health of the body. Bakas Naturals from the Netherlands specializes in pure hydrolyzed collagen tablets that are 97% identical to our own natural collagen in our body. Beautycol collagen supplements are the perfect combination to promote alongside quality skincare. Bakas Naturals has the secret recipe to the perfect formulation for proper body absorption. They source their patented ingredients and plant extracts from the purest and highest quality sources globally.

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