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Skin Care Welcomes you to our retail store! Please have a look at our amazing skincare line. We happily accept online payments through PAYPAL.  Dr. also accepts Visa or Master Card payments Via phone order. One of our representatives would be happy to take your call today, please call  1 - 250 - 667 - 4751 to place an order.

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Line N

The Dr. Belter products offered in this economical range are suitable for young, unproblematic skin and for newcomers to skin care.


They contain gentle, natural, natural ingredients, well balanced to safeguard skin elasticity, beauty and youth, to counter small faults and support the skin's natural resistance. 


The Dr. Belter Bio Classica care range was developed to focus precisely on the first signs of aging. Silk proteins and hyaluronic acid are ingredients in this line. The use of these products on your skin will help improve elasticity and maintain a tight and radiant look.


These special products are the result of the very latest research at Dr. Belter coupled with the latest findings of dermatology and cosmetic science. The line encompasses precious, highly focused ingredients that can efficiently provide support at the various levels of skin care. A specific composition of phyto-hormones from different plants is combined with precious anti-aging oils that vigorously tackle the signs of aging.


DR.BELTER® COSMETICs R&D division has chosen the most promising cosmetic anti-ageing ingredients and created a new anti-age line for mature skin.
Very interesting approaches in current anti-ageing research come from the field of ethno-medicine, a branch which deals with herbal naturopathy of exotic peoples. Recent research in this field has come across the positive, hydrating effects of herbal extracts containing plant phytohormones or so called Isoflavones respectively.


The Dr. Belter Seni-bel line was developed to sooth skin with broken capillaries,  and skin prone to allergic reactions.  Hydrating and balancing medicinal plant extracts have been combined with the latest patented ingredients to visibly improve this sensitive skin type.


Eyes can tell tales. Tales of our soul and mental state. Sometimes tales of sleepless nights, worry and fatigue.

Due to its fragile anatomy and constant facial expressions the eye area is particularly in need of timely, specific and gentle care.

Dr. Belter Line »ocula« achieves a successful balance of natural, skin identical especially compatible ingredients combined with highly innovative yet non-irritant ingredients.


Line A

Many young people and adults suffer from very seborrhoic skin with a clear tendency to the development of acne-prone skin. Dr. Belter Line »A« offers special products to ensure gentle, effective treatment of this complex skin type. The products have been selected and combined with utmost care .Used regularly in home care and in professional cosmetic treatments, these special products will clean acne-prone skin.