Pure Balance Fluid 50ml

Pure Balance Fluid 50ml


With this mattifying dermoactive fluid, skin with a tendency towards impurities receives freshness, moisturising care and balance. lt combines sebum balancing and clarifying actives with preventive anti-aging factors to deliver fresh, radiant and refined skin.


»BIOCLASSICA« products are formulated in accordance with the DR.BELTER® GreenTec Concept: without mineral oil, silicone oil, parabens, PEG, palm oil as raw material, colorants and animal ingredients.

Visible changes in the appearance of the skin, such as fine lines as well as a decrease of elasticity in our skin tissue give reason to adjust skin care routine and step up to more specific and active substance-rich care products.

With »BIOCLASSICA« we consider the physiological processes related to premature aging prevention in detail.

With particular attention to providing valuable, organic lipids, biomimetic moisturizing factors and skin type specific active substances, we support the skin’s vital functions, strengthen its resistance hereby safeguarding its youthful radiance.

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    Available in 100 ml size
    A light fluid moisturiser for combination skin with a tendency to be oily with impurities. Benefit from advanced purifying and preventative anti-ageing factors used to deliver radiant and refined skin. Pure Balance Fluid is suitable for men and women it regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, reduces blackhead formation and bacterial build up. With a matte finish it protects the skin from dehydration and pollutants and protects from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

    Essential ingredients include squalene, spheres loaded with vitamin C, soothing complex, Acnacidol®, Sebomine®, vitamin E, silver microcrystalline, chlorhexidine digluconate, hyaluronic acid, vegan biotech silk proteins.