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* NEW* Line N Cleansing Gel 210ml

* NEW* Line N Cleansing Gel 210ml


This refreshing, soap-free cleansing gel concentrate is based on algae and cleanses the skin thoroughly whilst also protecting its natural barrier. The active ingredient complex made of pennywort, horsetail and a moisturizing factor calms and protects as it cleans. The subtle scent of fresh oranges and ginger makes it a delight to use. Exceptionally economical: gently lather the concentrate in your hands using a little water.

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    Refreshing, soap-free gel concentrate  on algae basis. with precious soothing organic plant extracts from centella asiatica and horsetail.



    Organic horsetail extract, Pyrrolidone Carbon Acid sodium PCA: Pyrrolidone Carbon Acid is a natural component of the NMF ,Pennywort / Centella Asiatica extract

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