Ampoule No. 5 Regeneration-Concentrate 10pc

Ampoule No. 5 Regeneration-Concentrate 10pc

Dr. Belter Ampoules are the most intensive and versatile ampoules containing high concentrations of active ingredients that quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. They can be used with various esthetic equipment including cold lasers, ultrasound and galvanic devices. They can also be massaged into the skin with fan brushes as part of a facial or following an alginate or collagen mask. The glass vials ensure the integrity and potency of the ingredients. There are 16 different ampoules to choose from so you can address most skin problems. An attractive ampoule display is also available for retail sales of the treatment concentrates. The results are immediate and leave the skin radiant and youthful.
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    Excellent for mature aging skin, this two phase ampoule with scientifically proven ingredients revitalizes the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

    Key ingredients: biotechnologically won cell-extracts, allantoin, vitamins, royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, soy proteins

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