Delicate Tonic 200ml

Delicate Tonic 200ml

Skin sensitivity is often related to impairment of the natural balance of skin functions. This is an increasing trend today and can have numerous and very varied causes.

Anxiety, physical and psychological stress, genetic disposition, environmental factors, nutritional imbalance and inadequate care can all be catalysts for extreme reaction by our largest sensory organ. Skin sensitivity can affect all skin types at any given time. A particular disposition towards this skin type is generally found in people with blond or reddish hair, often with fine and very soft skin.

The result is a functional skin disorder and an impaired skin immunity system. Even the smallest challenge can quickly and easily lead to extreme reactions and skin disorders. "Capricious" skin reduces the sense of well being. Consequently, this skin type requires very special care and attention in the method of treatment, including optimally combined special care products. Care must focus on regenerating and fortifying the skin's protective shield, reducing skin disorder, including calming and smoothing, bringing the surface of the skin to a strong state of balance, and preventing light-related and other premature ageing factors.

»sensi-bel« - the complete care system from DR.BELTER® COSMETIC to ensure a particularly gentle, meaningful and balanced skin therapy.
This innovative range of three care products and two gentle cleansers is a source of relaxation and wellbeing for challenging skin types, especially for the care of skin with a tendency to psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

All products in this series have been tested to ensure

dermatological compatibility.
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    The most gentle facial tonic. Refreshing and stabilising, normalising the pH-value of the skin, calming and protecting, this honey-yellow, mild refresher tonic - naturally without alcohol – reduces skin irritations and makes the skin surface less susceptible to attack by irritants, enriched with allantoin, natural moisturisers, extract of echinacea, aloe vera, witch hazel and oak bark.

    Key ingredients: hamamelis extract, aloe vera gel, coneflower extract, thea sinensis extract,oak bark extract, NMF factors, allantoin