Clarity Concentrate 9ml

Clarity Concentrate 9ml


Line A is a comprehensive home care and salon treatment line with special preparations for skin with excess sebum production, impurities and acne-prone skin. The range offers products with the scent of fresh lemons and contemplates every need of  cleaning this problematic skin type.

Many young people and some adults suffer from oily skin and acne-prone skin. This problematic skin type is subject to flare-ups from internal factors like puberty and hormonal fluctuations which cannot be altered by a topical treatment.
However, the consequences of flare-ups can cleaned successfully with special cosmetic methods and products. Line "A" offers special products to ensure gentle, treatment of this complex skin type. The products have been selected and combined with utmost care. Used regularly in home care and in professional cosmetic treatments, these special products lead to visible improvements in oily skin.

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    Clarity Concentrate is a powerful 2-phase fluid for addressing pustules and impurities. The novel CDT-Complex is a cyclic molecule which keeps releasing fresh Tea tree oil on the skin and simultaneously absorbs excess skin sebum. Inflammations are consequently dried up, disinfected and soothed immediately. An accelerated purification of the treated skin zone is the result.

    Key ingredients: Cyclodextrine-Tea tree oil complex*, Chlorhexidine digluconat (mild disinfectant), ethanol, witch hazel extract

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