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Delicate Day Care 50ml

Delicate Day Care 50ml


«sensi-bel« - the complete care system from DR.BELTER® COSMETIC to ensure a particularly gentle, meaningful and balanced skin therapy.
This innovative range of three care products and two gentle cleansers is a source of relaxation and wellbeing for challenging skin types, especially for the care of skin with a tendency to psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

All products in this series have been tested to ensure

dermatological compatibility.

  • Details

    A mild moisturizing fluid for very sensitive and strained skin. It is free of perfume and colorants and suitable as a day care preparation as well as a light 24 hour care preparation. Highly pure and mostly skin- identical ingredients soothe and smooth the skin immediately. 

    Key ingredients

    DMS®, phospholipids, ceramides, squalene, sheabutter, panthenol, liquorice root extract, bisabolol, allantoin, vitamin E

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