Lumination Secret Whitening Mask 75ml

Lumination Secret Whitening Mask 75ml

The »intensa« care series encompasses intensive products, suitable either for all skin types, or to address particular beauty issues or special skin situations for occasional application.
The application spectrum addresses individual skin deficiencies, effectively supporting the natural beauty of the skin and its youthful radiance.
Whenever the skin longs for a beauty- impulse and the soul longs for relaxation, the »intensa« masks are the perfect choice.Discover exceptionally pleasant masks, in which effectiveness and well-being harmoniously fuse together.
95-100% natural ingredientswith plant actives in organic quality patented ingredients – visible effectsfree of mineral- and silicone oilsfree of PEG and paragons
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    [Lumination Secret Whitening Mask]

    -mineral mask for the reduction of undesired skin pigmentation

    -multifunctional plant complex Biowhite™ to reduce appearance of dark spots

    -bearberry extract utilized to limit skin darkening

    -Whitespheres® loaded with vitamin C for a more radiant complexion

    -the keratolytic effect of urea supports skin renewal

    -complexion improving treatment

    Key ingredients:- Biowhite™, vitamin C, bellis perennis- and bearberry-extract, urea, D-panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin, vitamin C spheres