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Perfect Recovery Body Cream 230ml

Perfect Recovery Body Cream 230ml


The »samtea body & balance« line offers a sensual, holistic and effective care and wellness series. DR.BELTER ® COSMETIC draws from the entire diversity of nature and uses both domestic and exotic ingredients in order to offer effective care concepts for treatment in the cosmetics institute and in your home care; E.g. marine ingredients, silk powder, aromatherapy elements, fruit and plant extracts and herbs 

We understand holistic care concepts not only as a holistic view of the human being with all his senses, but also the combination of scientifically demanding formulas with the sensual wellness concept to form a whole.

»samtea body & balance« body care is wellness care because it is so seductive and pleasant that you are always happy to take the time to devote yourself to your body.

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    Apart from genetic predisposition, the skin is subjected to other various strains, such as:
    - frequent weight loss and gain
    - skin expansion during pregnancy
    - lack of care
    - hormonal imbalances caused by contraceptives
    - unbalanced nutrition
    Perfect Recovery Body Cream promotes elasticity and the appearance of firmness of body areas demanding extra care. The interaction of its precious ingredients results in revitalizing of the treated areas. The result is visibly smooth, refined and firmed looking skin. The body obtains new vitality and tone.

    Key ingredients: phytocomplexes, coenzyme Q 10 (Ubichinon), vitamin A, vitamin B complex,vitamin E, wheat-germ extract, allantoin, bisabolol, panthenol, shea butter, mucopolysacharides, hamamelis extract

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