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Aqua Silk Serum 30ml #219

Aqua Silk Serum 30ml #219


It is a special challenge for DR. BELTER COSMETICS to present a classic care range that corresponds to the essential quality criteria and truly meets professional requirements. This has only been able to be achieved by uniting tradition and innovation: that means the combination of well-founded dermatological knowledge, experience in practical application and the results of active research.The end result is the care line Bio-Classica. The products of the Bio-Classica line occupy a central position in the DR. BELTER Professional Care Concept. It offers a variety of products for the demanding, self-confident person, whose wish is sensible and effective, yet also luxurious skincare.



  • Details

    This serum has hylauronic acid, vegan silk peptides and the glucolift matric complex which leaves the skin refreshed, smooth and refined. It ia applied as a hydration booster underneath the cream*Use morning and evening after thorough cleansing and toning. Apply AquaSilk Serum quickly to the entire face and follow with skin suitable moisturiser.


    Key ingredients

    Shii-take Immune modulator, baobab-hibiscus complex, algae extracts, vegan biotech silk proteins, hyaluronic acid, Glucolift complex, golden sea weed, Cytorepair Peptide, organic ginseng extract, organic ginkgo extract, Q10 Liposomes, vitamins A,C,E, liposomic D-panthenol, liposomic hyaluronic acid.

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