Bio Dynamic 24 Matrix Contouring Cream 50ml

Bio Dynamic 24 Matrix Contouring Cream 50ml

With this contouring cream, demanding skin receives multi dynamic anti-aging care. Precious bio mimetic lipids,Cupuacu butter and Abyssinian omega oil effortlessly melt into the skin making it incomparably soft and silky. The cell-reviving active ingredient combination is composed to deliver skin that feels and looks firmer, plumper and more radiant – a feeling one doesn’t want to miss anymore.
  • Details

    - dry, rough, demanding and stressed skin

    - supports and accelerates skin renewal rate
    - precious nourishing plants with specific fatty acid profile
    - bio mimetic ingredients for lipid barrier regeneration
    - high richness with a particular velvety finish
    - against hormone-related skin aging
    ; improve neuronal communication
    - protects against photo-aging; against free radicals
    - with multi-active, liposomal encapsulated moisturizing factor
    - supports the self-healing powers of the skin

    squalene, Cupuacu butter, organic sunflower, evening primrose and Chia seed oil, organic shea butter, Abyssinian omega oil, vitamin E, Neurobiox®, sacred white Lotus extract, isoflavone-complex, spheres loaded with Retinol and hyaluronic acid, phyto stem-cells from grape, Belisome® Aqua & EGF, astaxanthin anti-oxidant complex

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