Velvety Cream Cleanser 200ml

Velvety Cream Cleanser 200ml


This gentle cleansing milk with precious bo­tanical extracts, gently frees the skin of make-up and dirt particles, thus main­taining its physiological balance. After the cleansing it leaves the skin soft, clean and velvety.


»BIOCLASSICA« products are formulated in accordance with the DR.BELTER® GreenTec Concept: without mineral oil, silicone oil, parabens, PEG, palm oil as raw material, colourants and animal ingredients.

Visible changes in the appearance of the skin, such as fine lines as well as a decrease of elasticity in our skin tissue give reason to adjust our skin care routine and step up to a more specific and active substance-rich care products.

With »BIOCLASSICA« we consider the physiological processes related to premature ageing prevention in detail.

With particular attention to providing valuable, organic lipids, biomimetic moisturising factors and skin type specific active substances, we support the skin’s vital functions, strengthen its resistance hereby safeguarding its youthful radiance.

Classic cosmetic ingredients, such as silk, vitamins, traditional plant extracts and algae are combined with highly innovative, partly patented active substances like the biomimetic DLS, time-release-spheres and the matrix-forming Glucolift complex. The individual formulas are designed to provide a broad spectrum of positive effects for different skin types and skin ages

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    Available in 200 ml size
    Mildly scented, purely white o/w cleansing emulsion, a gentle soothing cleansing milk for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin.

    Use the Velvety Cream Cleanser morning and night to protect the skin from dehydration and pollutants. This soothing, soap free cleanser with anti oxidants will improve regeneration of the skin.

    Essential ingredients include sea algae extract, soothing complex, allantoin, organic sunflower oil, organic almond oil, vitamin E, baobab-hibiscus complex, vegan biotech silk proteins and omega oil.