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Stimula BioResource Elixir 30ml #309

Stimula BioResource Elixir 30ml #309


Precious vegetable lipids, such as the biomimetic DLS, organic chia seed oil, Capuacu butter and Abyssinia omega oil form the balsamic, caring base of the preparation. The switch to vegan recipes and the consistent avoidance of palm oil are additional future-oriented quality factors.

All »stimula ® « products contain new, award-winning  ingredients, such as Belisome ® Aqua and Belisome ® EGF.





    This concentrated super rich fluid provides the extraordinary caring properties of a top selection of natural lipids to very dry and demanding skin. This concentrated rich fluid with Wild Yam Extract, Vitamin E and Chia Seed Oil is the perfect serum for aging skin. It is very hydrating and luxurious feeling on the skin.


    squalene, organic borage seed oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic sesame oil,organic Chia seed oil, Abyssinian omega oil, organic shea butter, sasanqua oil,bisabolol, isoflavone-complex, Neurobiox®, sacred white Lotus extract, grape seed oil,wild-yam extract, vitamin E, allantoin, spheres loaded with hyaluronic acid, Retinol and glycyrrhetinic acid, phyto stem-cells from grape, Belisome® Aqua

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