Eye Lift Complex 10ml

Eye Lift Complex 10ml

These special products are the result of the very latest research at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC, coupled with the latest findings dermatology and cosmetic science. The »Bel-Energen« line encompasses precious, highly effective and focused ingredients that efficiently provide the latest advancements in skin care. See and feel the difference with specific formulas with the latest ingredients and with fresh and light scents.
Line Bel-Energen line is designed for professional spa treatments as well as for homecare. It is comprised of three groups:

1. [DERMO-RELAX] - The DR.BELTER® treatment concept that addresses the issue of reducing facial expression lines and wrinkles. A patented biotech-peptide (Argireline) is combined with proven anti-aging ingredients that relax expression lines - an excellent alternative or supplement to Botox injections.

2. [PHYTO-SENSATION] –Applied expertise in the cosmetic application of phyto-hormones and the latest skin and active ingredient research. An exclusive composition of plant estrogen extracts that vigorously counteract skin thinning and wrinkle formation caused by the loss of estrogen for menopausal women.

3. [CAVIAR] – A protective and repair product utilizing sea plankton and oyster shell to restore and maintain healthy cellular function and renewal. Exclusive sea algae and plankton shield the skin from environmental damage and aging. The stimulation of fibroblasts leads to an increase in skin density and structural firmness. Collagen, elastin and the moisture-binding intercellular matrix are replenished for a visibly smoothing effect. The face attains contour and firmness.
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    Eye Lift Complex
    This lifting cream pampers the eye area with MOISTURE and puffiness-diminishing peptides such as Gemmodrain®. The specific formula with organic euphrasia and light-reflecting pigments enhances skin elasticity, smoothness and shows a relaxing effect. Day by day the eye area appears taut and clear.

    Key ingredients: DLS-base, organic jojoba oil, ginger root extract, allantoin, bisabolol, vitamin E, Gemmodrain®: sorb-tree bud-extract,Suberlift® - quercus suber cross-linked polymer, amino-peptide Eyeseryl®, organic eyebright extract, Belisome AP®