Multi-Active Eye Contour Serum 15ml

Multi-Active Eye Contour Serum 15ml

Radiant eyes reflect your inner beauty…
They deserve to be given the best care and attention.
Eyes can tell tales. Tales of our soul and mental state. Sometimes tales of sleepless nights, worry and fatigue.
Due to its fragile anatomy and constant facial expressions the eye area is particularly in need of timely, specific and gentle care.
Line »ocula« achieves a successful balance of natural, skin identical especially compatible ingredients combined with effective, highly innovative yet non-irritant actives.
The »ocula« products have a wonderfully relaxing and calming effect on the eyes, reducing dryness, wrinkles and puffiness while preventing premature tissue exhaustion. Our special tip for the beauty of your eyes: sunglasses are an essential you should never be without!
The »ocula« care line is suitable for any age - prevention is better than cure.
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    This eye contouring gel formula instantly reduces signs of fatigue. Plant extracts, natural moisture boosters and peptide actives develop a strong anti-wrinkle effect while diminishing puffiness. The unique LC-microvesicle technology promotes suppleness and comfort. The eye area looks and feels firm and refreshed.

    EFFECT AND PROPERTIES: cooling, moisture replenishing, immediately diminishes lines and wrinkles, improves tissue elasticity, tightens the tissue of the eye surrounding and capillary network, counteracts dark eye circles, reduces puffyness, anti-oedematous, immediately absorbed without leaving the skin feeling dry, excellent basis for a long-lasting make-up.

    Key ingredients: Liquid Crystals® (Cholesterol derivates of natural origin), Konjac Mannane, Lumin-Eye-Complex®, amino-peptide Eyeseryl®, euphrasia extract, allantoin, aloe vera.

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