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Dynamic Hair & Body Shampoo 200ml

Dynamic Hair & Body Shampoo 200ml


Skin care is no longer just a necessity for men, but also an expression of positive body awareness and attitude towards life. Care products tailored to men are therefore a requirement.

The DR.BELTER ® »Man« line offers specific care for demanding male skin.

The scientifically based formulas are tailored to the special needs and properties of men's skin. The effects of frequent shaving, stress, environmental pollution and natural aging are counteracted in a targeted manner. The preparations provide the skin with moisture and important care substances for 24 hours. The skin is optimally cared for and radiates new vitality.

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    This marine blue gel cleanser for hair and body conveys a pleasant feeling of purity and freshness. Dynamic and masculine is the scent while plant extracts like Bamboo and Guarana provide energy and vitality. The skin feels clean, fresh and free.



    Bamboo extract, Guarana extract, Mentyl PCA, Black Currant bud extract (anti-inflammatory), panthenol

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