Dermo Relax Serum 30ml

Dermo Relax Serum 30ml

These special products are the result of the very latest research at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC, coupled with the latest findings dermatology and cosmetic science. The »Bel-Energen« line encompasses precious, highly effective and focused ingredients that efficiently provide the latest advancements in skin care. See and feel the difference with specific formulas with the latest ingredients and with fresh and light scents.

1. [DERMO-RELAX] - The DR.BELTER® treatment concept that addresses the issue of reducing facial expression lines and wrinkles. A patented biotech-peptide (Argireline) is combined with proven anti-aging ingredients that relax expression lines - an excellent alternative or supplement to Botox injections.

DERMO-RELAX Anti-Wrinkle Care

DERMO-RELAX is the treatment concept that addresses the issue of reducing wrinkles associated with repeated facial contractions. It is both a professional salon treatment and a top performance facial care product.

The Dermo-Relax products provide an alternative and supplement to Botulinum Toxin A (“Botox”) treatments. With DERMO-RELAX, a patented biotech-peptide targets wrinkle-formation mechanism by inhibiting the neural impulses which induce and intensify muscle contractions.

The reduction of the impulse’s intensity has two consequences: weaker muscle contractions, and secondly speedier relaxation of the muscle contraction. The effect is that wrinkles and expression lines are smoothed and their future formation is inhibited. In the DERMO-RELAX treatment concept, biotech-peptides are combined with best proven anti-aging active ingredients. Fresh, light scents and wonderful soft textures make this group of preparations pleasant and special.
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    Dermo Relax Serum
    This ultra light, MOISTURIZING serum uses a patented biotech peptide composed of natural amino acids to develop a relaxing effect on the muscles of mimic expression. Used regularly underneath the daily cream, it progressively minimizes the depth of expression wrinkles. Day by day the skin looks smoother and more even.

    Key ingredients:Organic lindenblossom extract, L-carnitine, caffeine, beta-glucan, HYALURONIC acid, Argireline ® – a patented biotechnological peptide from natural amino acids, Belisome AP®