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Phyto-Sensation Anti-Aging Cream 50ml #755

Phyto-Sensation Anti-Aging Cream 50ml #755


These special products are the result of the very latest research at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC, coupled with the latest findings dermatology and cosmetic science. The Bel-Energen line encompasses precious, highly effective and focused ingredients that can efficiently provide support at the various levels of skin care. See and feel the difference with specific formulas with trendy ingredients, fresh and light scents


    PHYTO-SENSATION Anti-Aging CreamThis intensive replumping care uses a special composition of isoflavones, hops and soy extract to counteract the loss of dermal substances in the deep layers of the skin. Further ANTI-AGING factors such as time release spheres with VITAMIN C, complex and Belisome AP® improve the moisture-binding capacity of the skin, while giving it the energy it needs to withstand environmental influences.



    Natural squalene, soothing complex, VITAMIN C spheres, isoflavones from soy, wild yam, redclover and organic hops, RETINOL, bisabolol, Belisome AP®

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