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24/7 liquid liner - pink guava

24/7 liquid liner - pink guava


24/7 Liquid Liner - Nude Peach, Play Lychee, Shy Strawberry,Pink Guava

Perfect lips – liquid liner on the lips it will last for a whole day or a whole night. Ideally follow up with lip definer to give colour to the lips and add a touch of shine with glossy lip finish.Four colours combined with various lip definers create a range of different colours.

Skin Type; suitable for all skin types

  • waterproof felt tip liner
  • create ultra precise and perfect lines
  • long-lasting effect
  • available in four shades
  • maximum staying power, 24-hour liner

Key Ingredients; panthenol

  • to keep the felt tip clean, ensure to remove excess pigments from the lips first before applying the liquid liner
  • Key ingredients

    Key Ingredients; panthenol

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