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Lash Perfector Mascara

Lash Perfector Mascara


Lash Perfector Mascara - Onyx Black

Deep black, velvety mascara with Xtracurl brush for maximum lash contact for a defined look and voluminous and curled lashes

Available in 9ml

  • extra long, luscious lashes with defined volume
  • brush and lash comb in one
  • xtra-curl brush for optimum lash coating
  • pigmented deep black for mesmerizing eyes
  • nourishment with hyaluronic acid and rice wax
  • sustainable packaging with cork instead of plastic

Key Ingredients;hyaluronic acid, rice wax


The special shape of the maxi-curl wand mimics the natural curl of the lashes to coat every single lash evenly with mascara. The lashes are fanned out to open the eyes and enhance their expression.


"For a mesmerizing look! Rice wax and hyaluronic acid ensure perfect looking lashes all day long!"

  • to ensure a smooth application texture, make sure that the product is not too cold
  • use zig-zag motions repeatedly to curl and lift the lashes
  • Key ingredients

    hyaluronic acid, rice wax

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