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Lip definer - vintage rose

Lip definer - vintage rose


Lip Definer - Available colors; *Vintage Rose, Berry kiss, Fancy red, Brown sugar, Coral brown, Coral glow, Cherry red

Sensuous coloured lips are bewitching. Choosing the shade that matches your outfit and lip definer gives you perfect aesthetic harmony. This lip liner is on a mission to contour your lips precisely and subtly.

Lip definer can do more! With its 1 mm thick pencil lead and eccentric “slanted tip” position, lip definer provides an extended application area on the side to shade the entire lip from the outside in and thus make it appear fuller.

Skin Type; suitable for all skin types

  • emphasizes the lips
  • create a precise contour
  • available in six shades
  • offers a large surface area to shade in the lips with its special "slant tip" applicator
  • sustainable packaging with cork instead of plastic


shade intensely from the outer corner and less intensively to the center of the lip line, this makes the lip appear fuller

  • Key ingredients

    shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil

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